Getting There & Flights

Our Overland tours start and finish in major African towns and cities, leaving their departure city on the first morning of the tour and finishing in the afternoon on the last day. This definitely makes planning for flights a whole lot easier!

Some of the start and finish cities - Cape Town, Swakopmund and Victoria Falls for example - are great destinations in their own right; remember to make some time to explore these places before or after your tour.

Note that while these starting destinations can all be reached by air, they are not necessarily the point through which you enter the country and you may need to arrange for a local flight to your actual point of departure.

Furthermore, depending on the tour you choose you may start and finish in the same city; arranging a return flight in and out of that destination is then a simple procedure. But some of the tours cover great distances and your start and finish points may be thousands of kilometres and many countries apart. In this case you may need to arrange additional flights within Africa or book an international flight arriving in one destination but departing from another.

Our consultants can help with air travel arrangements to fit your overland tour as well as pre and post-tour accommodation in each of these cities and airport transfers.