Money & Spending

While we do everything to ensure Africa overlanding is as simple as possible, it’s good to know a few things about spending money in Africa, different currencies, the tour Local Payment and managing your trip budget. Read on!

On many of our tours you will be requested to make a local payment that goes into a communal fund (commonly known as a kitty) to pay for campsite fees, food, and game park entrance fees. Those tours that do not have a kitty are usually the shorter tours within one country where prices are more fixed and can be included in the overall tour cost.

The tour leader manages the kitty and it covers all the day to day local expenses for all the passengers and crew and is paid to the tour leader at the pre-departure meeting or on the morning of departure. In almost all cases it must be paid in US$ cash – this is the easiest currency to change into local currency in Africa and the tour leader has no method of accepting your kitty by travellers cheques or credit cards.

It’s best to buy US$ from your own country before leaving home as US$ cash is hard to obtain in Africa and in some regions there is the danger of being given counterfeit notes.

Note that since prices and exchange rates fluctuate, the local payment is not fixed. The local payment given on our Overland itineraries will give you an idea of the amount required but bear in mind it is subject to change.