Photography on Tour

Photography is hugely rewarding on an overland trip: not only can you take photos of the wildlife in the national parks but you can simply poke your camera out of the side of the truck to shoot the ever-changing African landscape as it rolls by.

You can ask the driver to stop at any time if you would like to take photos (although try not to make a habit of it - deadlines need to be kept!) and all tours stop at panoramic viewpoints along the route anyway.

Make sure your camera has an adequate protective bag, preferably dust and water-proof, and make use of the power points at camp sites to recharge batteries for video/digital cameras. Most of the vehicles have power points as well but you will have to provide the necessary connections and adaptors.

Note that when taking photos of local people anywhere in Africa, always ask first otherwise you may cause an unpleasant scene. On a similar note, on no account take photographs of border crossings, government buildings, military establishments and equipment or uniformed officials; no matter how innocent the image, you will cause serious problems for yourself and the group.