Souvenirs in Africa

Africa is renowned for its fine craftsmanship and souvenirs are available in shops and markets just about everywhere between Nairobi and Cape Town. Remember to budget for curios however, as you could find yourself running out of snacks & drinks money!

Many visitors to Africa go home laden with souvenirs - from the smallest pieces of Masai jewellery to a six foot wooden giraffe. Remember that while it’s easy enough to store these items on an Overland truck, at some point you will have to fit all your souvenirs into your backpack (let alone an aircraft’s overhead locker) and be able to carry it!

Different countries specialise in different souvenirs; regional specialties include:

Uganda – drums made from cowhide (often seen on the side of the road)

Kenya – Masaai beads and blankets; batiks and wooden giraffes kikois and tangas - a male and female version of the sarong

Tanzania – tinga tinga artwork -  rightly painted pictures of exaggerated people and animals unique to Tanzania; ebony wood carvings; Masaai antiques; batiks

Malawi – a variety of wooden carvings including chess boards and Malawi chairs; cars, buses and even helicopters made from dried grass

Zambia – more wooden giraffes and other animals

Zimbabwe – soapstone statues, wooden carvings and baskets

Botswana – traditional woven baskets

Namibia – wide range of African souvenirs

Mozambique – wire toys

South Africa – in Johannesburg and Cape Town craft markets, you’ll find souvenirs from all over southern, East and West Africa. However, the cost of getting them there is built into the price but there is room for bargaining.