Overland Travel Experts

Overlanding through Africa is often a life changing - or affirming - experience; it is also an event that needs careful planning. Which itinerary is best for you? When should you go? Is it safe?

Relax. Our Overland Africa travel experts are here to answer all those questions and help you design the perfect overland tour right from the moment you leave home to the moment you get back - flights, transfers and add-ons as well if you need them.

And when we say experts, we mean experts. Overland Africa does not employ travel generalists as its consultants, we use consultants who have long specialised in overland travel and who have even guided overland tours.

Overland Africa provides the best overland travel advice and service because we use the best consultants - click on their links below and meet them for yourself.

Gelle Ritchie

Gelle - Overland Africa Travel Expert

She’s come face to face with mountain gorillas, canoed down the Zambezi River and camped from Cape Town to Arusha - when it comes to experiencing Africa, Gelle (pronounced Je Lay) has been there and done it.

Born and raised in Zululand, Gelle admits to being slightly obsessed with Africa. “Africa changes people’s lives - it’s a magical continent,” she explains, “and I’m never happier than when sitting around a campfire and swopping stories or lying in my tent at night listening to the calls of the wild.”

She also confesses to a deep love for overlanding and has been sending satisfied customers on African overland tours since 2003, whether it is to South, Southern or East Africa. “Let things run on African time and allow the African sunrise and sunset determine your day,” Gelle advises, adding that overland travel, while not super-luxurious, has become far more accessible, comfortable and user-friendly over the last decade.

“It’s still the most affordable way to experience Africa,” she says, “but you still get all the major destinations and highlights plus the chance to make friends and have an unbelievable amount of fun with like-minded people from all over the world - when you finally finish the tour, it’s like saying goodbye to your family!”

A final word of advice from Gelle - an African overland tour is an intense experience of vastly different destinations and cultures - take loads of photos. Just none of chameleons.

Gelle’s Favourite Tours:

- Cape Town to Vic Falls Grand Explorer
- Botswana Wild Parks
- Gorillas, Game Parks & Zanzibar Overland Adventure
- Uganda 13-day Overland Safari