Africa Overland Tours

When planning your Overland tour you will need to make a Big Decision: do you camp or do you go accommodated?

And it’s a pretty important decision to make: no pressure, but it could make or break your experience. Overland tours in Africa are a once in a lifetime experience - ensure you make the right decision!

Happily though, you probably already have a feeling about which one suits your budget and comfort requirements, and the choice is a straightforward one: an Overland camping tour means you sleep under canvas (after you’ve put the tent up) and an accommodated Overland tour means you swop the tent for a simple lodge or budget hotel. Find out more on our Overland Camping Tours and Overland Accommodated Tours pages.

Overland tours can also be tailor-made - chartered tours offer you greater flexibility in terms of whether you want to camp or bunk down, as well as your departure dates and itinerary. Check out our special feature on Overland charter tours - it might just make your trip!