Chartered Overland Tours

You’ve suddenly got 15 mates excited at the thought of an Overland tour in Africa, but you simply can’t find a tour leaving at the right time with the right amount of seats for everyone to go! What to do?

Well, why not charter a truck and travel as a private group? This type of adventurous travel has become more and more popular as big groups of friends or work colleagues or even over-sized families want the adventure of an Overland tour, but with the luxury of a private guided experience.

You can tailor your tour route, leave at a time that suits you and even control your level of participation; if you really don’t want to help out with the cooking, then you can arrange for more help on board. The other option is to travel in a different vehicle; big overland trucks are not the only way of getting through Africa, 4x4s or minivan coaches do a similar job.

So if you’re looking for a private African experience with all the thrills and spills of an overland tour, a chartered trip though Africa might just be the thing for you. Whether it’s a group of friends, a special-interest group or even an educational tour, we at Overland Africa can set you up with the right tour operator to suit you.