Botswana Activities

Botswana activities are all about the big adventure: traversing the country’s most epic wilderness by boat, mokoro, vehicle or even on foot.

Mokoro Excursions:

Imagine the sounds of the reeds gently rustling, the water rippling below you and the quick flutter of a pair of wings as a brightly coloured bird flies off. A mokoro excursion through the Okavango Delta is simply an un-missable experience on a Botswana overland tour.

A traditional dug out canoe, a mokoro doesn’t impact negatively on the environment, plus it gives you a croc’s eye view of this incredibly watery paradise. Simply climb in, lean back and enjoy the view as your poler takes you on a unique journey through the Delta.

Boat trips:

If you’ve slept in, and you’re keen to get back out into the Botswana wilderness, nothing can beat an afternoon boat trip or cruise on the Chobe River.

These river cruises bring you up close to crowds of elephant, bellowing hippo and slinking crocodiles, all the while being a perfect spot to enjoy an unforgettable Botswana sunset with gin & tonic in hand. It’s a must do for any traveller keen to unwind and still enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. Remember to bring along your camera - there are plenty of fantastic wildlife opportunities to be had!