Botswana Parks & Reserves

A Botswana overland safari to any of these great natural wilderness areas is truly hard to beat.


Flanked by the two largest rivers in the Delta, the Boro and the Santantadibe, Chief’s Island is the largest landmass within Moremi - its dry sandy interior of 1000 sq km full of tall mopane trees, clay pans, and of course, wildlife.

Ideal for an overland safari adventure, this well-known Botswana reserve is known for its large elephant herds who migrate from nearby Chobe National Park in search of water. Other wildlife includes the entire Big 5, as well as giraffe, cheetah, hyena, jackal and the endangered wild dog.

Botswana Overland tours to Moremi usually include time in both the greater Okavango Delta and Chobe, but it’s Moremi where wild dog is most regularly seen.

Long bridges made out of mopane poles surround the reserve, which rattle and shake as vehicles pass over them. These bridges are also used by game to get onto the permanent higher ground and it’s not uncommon to see lion strolling over them to cross a floodplain when it’s full of water.

Moremi simply is the Botswana wilderness at it’s best; a true African heartland home to a diverse wildlife, over 550 bird species and spectacular natural scenery. It’s a must-do on an overland Botswana safari.

Okavango Delta:

Gliding along an endless watery channel in a mokoro (dug-out canoe) is the best way of discovering Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Hippos grunt, crocs slither and birds chirp in a surround sound wilderness experience - offering you a chance to encounter nature at its best.

The Delta waters start in Angola’s western highlands, flow through Namibia as the Kavango River and finally reach Botswana as the Okavango. A staggering 30 000 million litres of water per day drains through the maze of lagoons and channels before dying in the hot sands of the Kalahari Desert to the south.

An overland adventure in Botswana will most certainly take in the delights of the Okavango Delta; there’s nothing quite like flying low over the floodplains from a tiny 10-seater!

Big game like elephant, lion, hippo and giraffe are seen loping through the waters, while red lechwe are often seen springing along in a close-knit group, water flying everywhere.

The Okavango Delta is also ideal for a birding safari or a fishing expedition; hundreds of bird species and over 80 different types of fish are one of the reasons the Delta attracts visitors year on year.

On an overlanding tour, you’ll be flown in to experience a few days of game-viewing in a rugged Land Rover, before meeting your mokoros and polers to spend a couple of days drifting through the watery channels crammed with water lilies - one of the best activities in Botswana hands down!

Chobe National Park:

Just 80km from thundering Victoria Falls, Botswana’s Chobe National Park fills the gap between Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and at 12 000 sq km, it’s a spectacular natural wilderness - perfect for an overland Botswana safari.

The Chobe River in the north-east is surrounded by lush plains and dense forest, while the central region has both arid plains and deep swamps.

The predator-rich Savuti Corridor in the west leads to the Moremi Wildlife Reserve in the Delta, making this area ideal for an overland safari adventure.

Safaris are one thing, the enormous elephant herds are quite another. The park is famous for having the largest continuous surviving elephant population in Africa, estimated at a staggering 120 000 - gathering during both the wet and dry seasons.

A must do on an overland tour through Chobe is a boat ride on the Chobe River; gin & tonics, splashing elephant calves, and huge buffalo herds congregating on the banks.
It simply is a must do on any Botswana safari.


These vast pans in north-eastern Botswana are some of the largest in the world, and while dry and barren in the winter months, they flourish with flora and fauna in the rainy season. Explore at dawn or dusk on a quad bike, and make sure you bring along your camera.