Malawi Activities

Diving & Snorkelling

For a landlocked African country, Malawi sure offers some spectacular diving and snorkeling. Massive Lake Malawi’s entire coast line offers great diving opportunities - it’s a real ‘must-do’ activity on a Malawi overland tour.

Lake Malawi is widely recognised as one of the best freshwater diving destinations in the world; its safe, shark-free and calm surface water makes diving here ideal for beginners and experienced divers.

There are several dive schools with PADI certified dive masters along the coast, so overlanders can explore the depths of the Lake, home to over 500 species of fish. Visibility varies: it’s best to go between August and December when the weather is calm.

Trekking & Hiking

Malawi’s exceptional wilderness areas make for excellent trekking and hiking opportunities for an overland group.

The Nyika Plateau National Park in northern Malawi is made up of rolling grasslands, forested valleys, steep escarpments and several peaks, and hikes here often trail through some of the local villages.

Warthog, bush pig and even buffalo have been spotted on the lower slopes, while the scenery is unbelievable: waterfalls, trout pools and wildflowers flourish in the grasslands.

Other great hiking and trekking spots in Malawi include the escarpment hike to Livingstonia which passes the Machewe Falls, and more challenging Mount Mulanje in the south.

Horse Riding

Horse-riding? In Malawi? Believe it! Horseback safaris are popular in the Nyika Plateau National Park, a 3000kmĀ² wilderness in northern Malawi.

Malawi overland tours often allow for a couple of days along one of the beaches, and at Chintheche on the northern shore, horse-riding can be organised from almost any lodge.

It’s simply spectacular riding through the reserves and wilderness areas and ending with a swim on horseback in the calm waters of Lake Malawi.


The tideless and current-free waters of Lake Malawi make it an ideal destination for watersports like boat trips, pedalo, canoeing, hobicat sailing and even kayaking.

Travellers on a Malawi holiday or overland trip can explore the serene blue-green waters of the Lake with any number of watersports, or discover its depths with swimming, snorkelling and diving.

The simplest way to take a float on the lake is in traditional wooden dug-out canoes - just hitch a ride with a local fisherman.