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Zambia might not spring immediately to mind as an African overland destination but that’s a good thing: it means that this little-visited country is still off the radar when it comes to tourism, and that makes for a very exciting and genuinely African overland experience.

It’s a country made for overlanding adventures: Zambia has some of the biggest and wildest national parks in Africa, challenging roads and infrastructure, a friendly and curious population and plenty of modern touches too, just to keep things nicely balanced.

And of course, Zambia is home to Victoria Falls - a Zambia Overland travel experience would hardly leave that iconic destination out of an itinerary - which also means that it’s a country well placed to combine with other great overland routes in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and beyond.

Check out our wide range of Zambia Overland tours, browse our Zambia map and start a little background research with our Zambia destination guide.

Zambia Travel Guide

• Zambia’s odd jigsaw puzzle shape is an apt one: it lies between Southern, Central and East Africa and in many ways joins the 3 regions, and it’s big - at over 750 000 sq km Zambia is larger than Texas.
• Much of Zambia is elevated, rolling country - and 70% of it is covered in woodland.
• The best game viewing months are the dry season months May to November - though be warned: October and November are blisteringly hot.
• There’s plenty of wildlife in Zambia - all the classic African plains game species, big predators and fabulous bird watching - and there are 19 parks and reserves to choose from, covering around 20% of the country.
• Zambia ‘shares’ Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe but although the Zimbabwean town of Victoria Falls is right by the falls, the Zambian town of Livingstone is 10km away.
• Zambia’s peak rainy season - January/February - sees many parks and roads close due to flooding - making it not the best time to visit.

Travel Tips:

  • Visa requirements for Zambia are quite complex, make sure you check before you go
  • The Zambian Kwachwa is the official currency, but US dollars are accepted in the urban areas
  • ATMs are available in Livingstone and Lusaka, usually only accepting VISA-linked accounts.
  • Optional activities in Victoria Falls can be paid for using US dollars and GBP cash
  • If you’re going on a walking safari, make sure you’ve got some good shoes

Dont forget to:

  • Go on a game drive in the Serengeti
  • Go White Water Rafting on the River Nile from Bujagali Falls
  • See Victoria Falls - the Smoke that Thunders
  • Go white-water rafting at Victoria Falls
  • Bungee jump 111 metres off Vic Falls Bridge
  • Enjoy a sundowner on a Zambezi ‘Booze Cruise’
  • Test your bargaining skills with a curio seller
  • Go game viewing in South Luangwa, Kafue or Lower Zambezi national parks




Quick Facts:

  • At over 750 000sqkm, Zambia is bigger than Texas!
  • The best game-viewing months is the dry season: May to November
  • There are 19 parks and reserves to choose from, covering 20% of the country
  • Zambia ‘shares’ Victoria Falls with Zimbabwe, with the town of Livingstone 10km away
  • The peak rainy season - Jan/Feb - sees many parks close - it’s not the best time to visit!