Bringing Africa’s Top Safari Parks to you .. Namibia…Etosha National Park

Posted on June 1st, 2020 by Overland Africa
Bringing Africa’s Top Safari Parks to you .. Namibia…Etosha National Park

Why Go?

Namibia Etosha National Park…. Regarded by safari experts as one of Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves, the 22 750 km² Etosha National Park is one of the easiest, safest and most rewarding big game destinations in Southern Africa. You will appreciate the good roads and wide range of animals and photographers will relish the action at the game-packed waterholes! Dominated by the pancake-flat Etosha Pan, a 5 000km² seasonally flooded depression, Etosha National Park is an area of open, grassy woodland and thick scrub, studded with waterholes.

  • The sheer abundance of game. Above all else, Etosha is known for its wealth of big game.
  • The dramatic landscapes. Etosha’s most well-known feature is the vast salt pan that is found at its heart, which is so big it can be seen from space. …
  • The park is packed with an eclectic mix of familiar faces such as elephant, giraffe, lion, leopard and zebra as well as the desert specialists like springbok and the handsome gemsbok.
  • It’s also one of the best places in Southern Africa to see the endangered cheetah and black rhino not to mention rare antelope species like black-faced impala, Damara dik dik and roan antelope, plus there’s a bird count of 340 species – an interesting blend of savannah, water and desert birds.
  • The chance to explore beyond the park..


When to Go?

May to October winter months are widely regarded as the best time to visit Namibia for game viewing. The skies are clear, the risk of malaria is at its lowest, and animals are increasingly concentrated around water sources as the dry season wears on. Prepare however for freezing night time temperatures in June and July whereas September and October can be extremely hot. The summer rains between November and April turn the country green and occasionally bring floods to the desert. December can see very rewarding game viewing in Etosha and summer is the best time to go to Namibia for bird watching though you’ll need to watch out for malaria in the Caprivi Strip (newly renamed the Zambezi Region), Namibia’s wettest region and a place best avoided in the peak wet months of January and February.

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