How to Choose the Perfect African Overlanding Tour Just for You!

Posted on October 29th, 2019 by Overland Africa

How to Choose the Perfect African Overlanding Tour Just for You!

Perfect African Overlanding Tour:

Overland Camping Tours – Large Groups

Are you the outdoors camping type, and don’t mind sharing your experience with other like-minded travellers from all around the world, then this option could be perfect for you. You’ll be provided with a dome tent and rollout mattress for accommodation and will participate in helping your crew around camp. This is the most budget-friendly option and is great for backpackers and adventure travellers who don’t mind a bit of elbow grease. Why not consider something like our South East Adventure Overland Tour?


Overland Fully-Serviced Tours – Small Groups.

If you find that you don’t mind spending a little bit more in order to secure a tour with a smaller group of people, are 40 or older, and want a few conveniences while still camping under the stars, then this type of overlanding tour might be the one for you. The crew will take care of setting up your tent and preparing all of your meals. Usually grouped in 7 day experiences. For example, have a look at our Wildside Tanzania tour.


Overland 3 – 4-Star Accommodated Tours.

Actually more of an adventure traveller who prefers the comfort of 3 – 4-star accommodation, with en-suite bathrooms and all of the perks, then this type of tour is a great fit. You’ll still get to enjoy the social aspect of overlanding with your group while spending your evenings in luxurious surroundings. These types of tours are usually grouped in 8 day + 14-day experiences. Consider our 10 Day Kenya & Tanzania Adventure as an example of what to expect.


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