Questions asked about overland: Communications

Posted on December 27th, 2019 by Overland Africa

Questions asked about overland: Communications


Can my family reach me while on tour?

Please keep in mind though that this is an adventure tour and that there still might not be reception in a lot of the areas we travel through. Although you may not be able to contact the outside world easily while you’re on tour, we track you constantly and are always able to find you. Feel free to provide your family with our contact details and should there be an emergency of any kind at home we will be able to contact you almost anywhere. Please inform your families that although we can find you – it must be a real emergency – as we will not be sending one of our local contacts 500km over terrible roads to remind you to change your underwear regularly! We advise that you should also contact family and friends before leaving and tell them that you are on an adventure tour and that you will probably be out of contact for that time.

There are telephones in some places but do not count on these being all that reliable! In East Africa you can expect to pay up to USD 3 per minute for a phone call. E-mail facilities can be found in major towns and city centres, but it is often very slow and expensive.


Do mobile phones work in Africa?
Yes, there is extensive coverage throughout Southern and East Africa. In some countries, this may be primarily in and around major urban areas. However, in South Africa, networks cover all national roads, towns and cities. Before traveling, ask your mobile phone service provider to open your phone to allow international roaming.


Is there internet in Africa?

Certainly. Most city hotels will have either internet connection in the bedroom, or a business centre where you can spend time online. Some safari lodges and camps in South Africa also offer this facility. In remote areas, however, there is no internet.


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