Questions asked about overland: Which is better, camping or accommodated?

Posted on December 23rd, 2019 by Overland Africa

Questions asked about overland: Which is better, camping or accommodated?


Which is better, camping or accommodated?


Our accommodated tours are here to fill the gap between a camping experience and an expensive lodge-tour while our camping tours allow you to have a truly African experience. We have both camping and accommodated guests travelling together.


Other than the tent that you pitch or the bed that you sleep in, everything else about these tours is the same. All meals are prepared at the truck, you have the same guides and the travel times are all the same so that literally is the only decision that you must make – a bed or a tent.


Camping gives you the freedom to build your own little home every evening. We provide you with heavy duty canvas dome tents which are standing height (unless you’re over 6 foot) and Approximately 2.5 x 2.5m across the base. On a camping tour, you need to provide your own pillow, sleeping bag and towel.


The tents are easy to put up and have flexible self-supporting poles and there are no unnecessary pegs to fight with. There is a flysheet provided for rainy weather and a built-in mosquito net which should always be kept closed. Please make sure that you pay attention when the guides explain the correct way of putting up and taking down your tent as the incorrect use can cause problems with the tent.


We also provide everyone with a sleeping mattress. Camping is more affordable, and you don’t have to rely on anyone for anything – only on the heavens when you ask them very kindly not to open on your tent! If you choose the camping option, when the tour gets to a major city, we will put you up in twin accommodation so that you can have the comfort of a bed for the evening.


At most places we visit, there is the opportunity to upgrade to accommodation if you’d like, but it is subject to availability. Please be sure to check the seasonal weather conditions when booking your camping tour as we can’t be responsible for mother nature (tents that get put up and taken down in the rain have a bad habit of being wet).


The tents handle a fair amount of rain but if there is a consistent downpour, the likelihood is that you will get wet. Most of the camp sites we visit have good toilet and shower facilities, but hot water is sometimes a luxury. Fortunately, most places we visit on tour are warm! Some places that we visit are bush camps where there are no facilities (for example, the Okavango Delta).


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