Chantal & Friends – Cape Town to Windhoek

Posted on June 7th, 2019 by Overland Africa

To Leisha,
My travels through Namibia this past May was an extraordinary discovery!
You had given us an itinerary and list of activities and we were not disappointed. The tour was extremely well organized. We travelled in a bus/truck hybrid, which was perfect for the dusty and bumpy Namibian roads. We were accompanied by 3 staff: one in charge of the food (Stanley: great chef), one of transportation (Alington: a fabulous chauffeur) and one to guide us and explain the wonders we were seeing, Norman: what an amazing and knowledgeable guide! All three were pleasant, kind, professional and fun. We felt well taken care of throughout our trip.
The complete itinerary was very well set-up. We hit all the top destinations we wished to see, the travel was well paced, with regular stops in places that were safe and clean. We all had the opportunity to see and experience things as we wanted. Some like to take many pictures, others prefer long walks, etc. There was space and accommodation for all which contributed to excellent spirit and vibe.
The accommodations were as announced, well appointed, clean and spacious. Some were more striking than others (usually because of there setting) and most – but not all – had wifi. I’ll never forget drinking a cup of tea while listening to the mountain zebras running, spending a quite time in front of the watering hole looking at elephants and giraffes going about their day or enjoying a sundowner in front of the magnificent African sky.
Namibia was an amazing discovery, the desert, the canyons, the flora and fauna, Etosha, the sand dunes: WOW! I had never seen an oryx before, what a beautiful animal!
My most memorable moment was waking up at dawn to drive to Dune 45, climbing the spectacular dune as the sun rose and returning at the bottom to be welcomed with a warm breakfast prepared for us at the foot of the dunes. Amazing.
Thank you for organizing our trip and being so easy, clear, attentionate and accommodating and for making it such a memorable experience. I will not hesitate to recommend this trip to friends and family.


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