Georgia Cavallari – 20 days Vic Falls to Cape Town Accommodated – March 2019

Posted on April 2nd, 2019 by Overland Africa

Hello Leisha!

It’s really sad that the tour is over, because I was having such a great time and loved it all from to first to the last second!

And by the way, the experience for me started even before Victoria Falls. It started with all the booking process and you were amazing! You were extremely helpful and efficient and during the trip I had in mind that I was thankful cause you took care of everything, so I had nothing to worry about.

The tour itself was perfect! I highly recommend it! There were many long road periods, sometimes entire days, which at the begining seemed weird, but at the end I was enjoying a lot! It’s nice spending time with the group (I was very lucky for having a great one) and the landscapes are breathtaken, so I enjoyed the time on the road.

The activities were also fantastic! I personally love this kind of trip where you’re in contact with nature, wildlife and different cultures, so it was all I could ask for. It’s very very hard to pick one highlight, but I can tell you a few moments that were special: the day at Chobe (with on land and cruise game), the day at Okavango delta, riding at the mokorro and walking around, the Namib desert (both in Swakopmund where I did quadbike/sandbording and at the dunes) and both days at Etosha. Basically everything! Haha

The crew was also very very nice! Kind, helpful, fun and had lots of knowledge to share with us.

Again, I had an amazing time! I’d love to come back again and I’ll reach you if I decide to, for sure! Thanks a lot for all the help! Have a wonderful day! ?



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