Thank you for organizing such a great trip

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 by ninjasforhire
Hello Gelle!
We have returned safely and yes, we all had a great time! We did not meet any troubles. The flight transfers from Harare also went smoothly. It was very nice to see Zimbabwe with all the interesting past and current history. Our guides Tembe and Laban – Zimbabweans- were excellent.
– Mokoro-trip – fantastic, with the setting, boat trip and the guides.
– Vic Falls – a great time with lots of activities – elephant ride, bungee, rafting, sunset cruise etc. Laban organized some of the stuff. We got T-shirts!
– Matopos – a great experience, Lovely camp site, Ian was a fantastic guide! San-history, walking safari with rhinos, the scenery etc!
– Great Zimbabwe – very interesting, fascinating! We also had a lovely time in Mozambique at the Archipelago Resort /150USD per night for large bungalows self-catering, also with a lovely restaurant at the place. But so few tourist… both in Zimbabwe and Mozambique – we hope better days for these wonderful destinations will come. We all agreed that the overland-truck concept suited very well for a group of families like ours (with children approximately 10 and above) and is certainly something we would recommend to others. Very easy and convenient, better than driving all these long distances in separate cars on our own.  Combination of camping and hotels were great (all good hotels!). We hope we will be able to go in another journey in a few years.
Thanks for great organizing and help! 

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