We all had experiences that we will remember the rest of our lives NOV 2022

Posted on December 13th, 2022 by Overland Africa

Hi Liezl!

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to answer. It has been so much to do after we got back. I hope everything is good.


And i really want to thank you for creating this amazing adventure for us. We had a really great journey. I think we all had experiences that we will remember the rest of our lives. And also i think we all learned a lot. What really stood out for us must be the game drives of course, and especially the one in kruger where we saw all the big five, and many many other animals. We also really enjoyed the dinner at the gold resturant, wich was an incerible expeirence. We really liked the aerea arounf Tsitsikamma, and Hermanus so it could have ben exciting to have more time there, but we got the best of it. And thank you so much for fixing another chance of skydiving when we missed the first attempt because of the weather. The students where really greatful for that. I also noticed that the skydiving instrouctors in Cape Town seemed more profeccional and made an even better experiance for the students by having a safetybreif for everyone and explaining to them everything that was going to happen, and generelly talking to them an chearing for them. (It was nothing wrong with the instrouctors in Tsitsikamma, but we had a better experience with the ones i Cape Town). And the community project (uthando) was amazing. The tour we had with them made an impression on all of us, and i will highly recommend it for other groups.

I must also say that our guide and driver, Thabisa and Moses did an incredible job, i am so glad they where there, we would be totally lost without them. We felt safe the whole trip they organized everything so well for us. So please give them all the best feedback from me.


All in all we are so happy with the trip. And i know that the students will have memories for the rest of their lives. I want to thank you so much. and i will highly recommend you to other schoolds and groups when i have the chance. I will not hesitate with contacting you again. Keep up the good work, and stay well!


Best regards


Ingrid  and School Group

( NOVEMBER 2022 )

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