Want to Walk in Africa’s Eden? Visit Tanzania!

Posted on October 29th, 2019 by Overland Africa

Want to Walk in Africa’s Eden? Visit Tanzania!

Experience the drama of the wildebeest migration along a seemingly endless savannah. Conquer the incongruous snow and glaciers of Mt Kilimanjaro. Meet the iconic and statuesque Maasai warriors. Then top it all off by relaxing on the exotic palm-fringed beaches of the spice islands.

A Tanzanian adventure truly offers the very best of Africa!

Learn more about Tanzania here. 

3 Reasons to Overland in Tanzania

1. The Great Migration

Experience some of Africa’s most iconic national reserves and game parks. Witness over a million wildebeests, along with hundreds of thousands of zebras and antelopes, brave the dangers of drought, fires and predators on this annual life and death trek through the Serengeti.

2. A Tropical Paradise

Top off your safari adventure with the chance to unwind on Tanzania’s luxurious spice island of Zanzibar. Enjoy traditional dhows, minarets and back-street markets, as well as glorious beaches, coral reefs and private Indian Ocean islands. A simply exquisite paradise!

3. Many Vibrant Cultures

Tanzanian culture is a mix of influences from 120+ tribes. Meet the tall graceful Maasai warriors, learn the ancient ways of the Hadza bushmen, enjoy produce from Wameru agriculturalists, marvel at the artistic talents of the Makonde and bargain with the Chaga traders.


5-Day Impressive Tanzania – Lodge Safari

Discover beautiful scenery as you’re immersed in Africa’s breath-taking nature and wildlife during this impressive lodge safari through Tanzania.

7-Day Best of Tanzania – Lodge Safari

Travel through breathtaking landscapes on adventurous tracks and experience Africa’s nature and wildlife at its best with this amazing experience.

7-Day Wildside Camping 

This camping safari is ideal for groups smaller than 12 people and offers access to fantastic wildlife, impressive landscapes and warm local hospitality.


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