Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about your Overland adventure in Africa? We bet you do! Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions – you never know, the very answer you’ve been after could be right here!

We’ve answered questions about the right age for an Overland tour as well as queries about how much spending money to take, what to do about malaria and whether there are vegetarian meals on tour. And if you can’t find the answer to the question you’re asking, then simply contact one of our Overland Safari Experts and ask them – they’ll know.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our most fequently asked questions

I’m 55 years old; am I too old to go on an Overland tour? Click to Expand

Overlanding is not about age but attitude; if you’re young at heart, you will never be too old to go on an Overland tour. However, some of our operators do request that you fill out a questionnaire to assess your fitness and suitability for the tour. Contact one of our Overland consultants and they can recommend the best tours for older travellers.

I’m 17 years old; am I too young to go on an Overland tour? Click to Expand

Most Overland operators set a minimum age of 18 for their tours but if you are accompanied by an older person you may be able to join some selective trips. Note that some of our Overland tours are also suitable for families. Contact one of our consultants and they will advise you.

Does my tour include time in the start/finish destinations? Click to Expand

No. Overland tours depart from the starting destination early in the morning on Day One and arrive at their end destination in the late afternoon on the final day. If you want to explore the start/finish destinations, it’s best to arrive a few days early and/or leave a day or two after the trip ends.

I’ve booked a tour from A to B but at the end of the tour I will need to get back to A to catch my international flight. How do I do this? Click to Expand

Africa is not always well served by reliable public transport and you may have to book an additional flight back to your arrival point in Africa. Simply contact one of our Overland consultants to arrange this.

Will the Overland vehicle pick me up from my hotel on the first day? Click to Expand

No. All Overland tours have a pre-appointed departure point and it is up to the passengers to make their own way there. These departure points are often hotels with large car parks for the overland vehicle, and a pre-departure meeting is often held at this venue the night before. Make it easy and contact one of our consultants to arrange accommodation at the hotel from where your tour departs!

How much spending money should I take? Click to Expand

This is easily the most frequently asked question! It’s very difficult to advise on how much money to take as everyone spends their money on different things. Click on the following link for general advice on personal spending money and don’t forget to include visas and optional activities in your budget.

What about visas? Click to Expand

Generally speaking, the majority of nationalities require visas for several African countries on our itineraries. Some visas can be obtained at the relevant border but some have to be purchased before you travel. Our Pre-Departure Dossier (which you receive upon booking a tour) will give you up-to-date information regarding visas and the costs for each nationality.

Please don’t turn up for the tour with a nearly full passport: make sure there are plenty of blank pages in your passport for visas – at least one blank page per visa). Note that emergency or temporary passports are often not accepted at border crossings.

What about malaria? I want to come to Africa but do not want to take malaria prophylactics. Click to Expand

Overland travel in Africa often passes through regions where malaria is present and we highly recommend that precautions – including prophylactics – should be taken. This is particularly important during the rainy seasons; at lower altitudes; on the East African coast; and in densely populated rural/semi-rural areas.

However, some of our tours run through parts of South Africa and Namibia that are malaria-free and still have excellent game watching opportunities. Speak to our Overland consultants and they will advise you about the areas where you do not have to protect yourself against malaria.

I am a vegetarian; will I have problems with food on my tour? Click to Expand

Fruit and vegetables are abundant in most parts of Africa and there will always be the opportunity to whip up a non-meat dish. Bear in mind if you are on a longer trip you may want to consider supplementing your diet with multi-vitamins as days are often long and tiring and no-one wants to feel run-down on an Overland tour.

Vegetarians do not get a discount on the kitty or local payment.

How often will I be able to communicate home? Click to Expand

The quality of communication infrastructure in Africa is variable so don’t always expect to find reliable phones or internet access. Southern Africa, especially South Africa, has fairly reliable and widespread access to communication media but in East Africa public phones and internet access is usually only found in the main centres.

But don’t worry, there will always be the opportunity to send the odd line home about what a good time you are having! And in the event of an emergency, your crew will get you to a phone.

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