South Africa Activities

Bungee Jumping

Adrenalin junkies rest easy: South Africa and China may be duking it out for title of the highest commercial bungee jump in the world, but at 216 metres, South Africa’s version is so huge that the first rebound is longer than the full descent at Victoria Falls.

It’s on the Garden Route at the Bloukrans Bridge, which marks the border with the Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces. All Garden Route overland tours stop here, giving you the opportunity to jump. There are also a range of jumps and a bridge swing on the much lower Gouritz River Bridge, closer to Cape Town.

Bungee jumping is a must for those seeking the ultimate adrenalin rush. Standing on the lip of the bungee platform is terrifying. It’s a fear so intense that it grips every organ in your body and pickles your mind. Jumping off the platform takes all the courage you can muster. For a few exhilarating seconds, you plummet through space and silence, before feeling the tug of the bungee cord as it reaches its optimum length.

But it’s not over then. The jump is followed by a series of giant exhilarating bounces that take you on an incredible ride through the Bloukrans Gorge. The bridge comes careening back towards you. Again you fly, without the feel of the cord at your feet. What are you waiting for? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…bungee!


It surprises many visitors to learn that South Africa is not as well established as other countries on the global hiking circuit. Thanks to the beautiful, and often rugged, scenery, an abundance of wildlife and a great climate, South Africa is a great destination for hiking and walking. There are trails all across the country lasting from just a few hours to several days.

The contrasts are vast: from the lofty peaks of the Drakensberg to coastal and mountain walks in the achingly beautiful Cape and all the national parks and reserves in between. Each trail has its own attractions, offering panoramic views, wonderful wildlife, birdlife and plant life as well as fascinating geographical contrasts. Trails are operated by forestry or nature conservation bodies, various parks boards, municipalities and many private land owners. New trails are opening up more and more of some of the most unforgettable countryside in the world.

Although many trails can be walked without a guide, we’d suggest a guide for mountain hiking in the Drakensberg and the Cape mountains. And in big game country, the safari camps in the national parks and reserves offer game walks with a tracker and armed ranger.

Go for a hike in South Africa - there is no better way to experience wild places than to put your boots on and your feet on the ground, one in front of the other.