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Accommodated Overland Safari Tours…….When you think of Overlanding through Africa, the image that may spring to mind is that of a clutch of tents clustered around a truck in the middle of a dusty nowhere.

But don’t cancel your Overlanding plans and book that swish hotel just yet – an African Overland tour doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it under canvas.

If camping doesn’t appeal to you but Overlanding through the world’s wildest and most diverse continent does, then check out our selection of top accommodated Overland tours, all of which explore Africa’s iconic destinations but without the hassle of setting a tent up each night.

Accommodated overland tours use a combination of budget hotels, chalets, bungalows, rustic huts and backpacker lodges, all of which means that at the end of every day you get your own bed and a decent bathroom. But remember, even though you’re not camping, you’ll still need to bring along a few things – check out our detailed What to Pack page for details.

Be aware though that not all Overland accommodation is en-suite and sometimes you’ll share a bathroom or a dormitory with a few others. Most nights however, you’ll share a room with your overland buddy who’ll be with you for the duration of the trip. And anyway, the perks of an accommodated Overland tour means there is often a swimming pool, bar or restaurant attached to your lodge or hotel, adding a very pleasant dimension to your Overland tour.

We’ve put together a list of our top accommodated Overland tours to ensure your Overland trip through Africa is the experience of a lifetime.

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