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Africa under Canvas … nothing quite captures the adventure of Overlanding more than a camping tour on the Mother Continent.

But you need to be ‘up for it’: when you arrive at your camping spot at the end of the day, it’s up to you to put up your tent, make your bed and deal with bumps in the ground or even non-existent bathrooms.

However, don’t worry if you’ve never pitched a tent before: your tour leader is there to lend a hand, and by the end of your overland tour you’ll be an expert at putting up your own tent – even in the dark!

And remember that camping has come a long way since those leaky old tents of your childhood: accommodation on our Overland tours is normally in sturdy, spacious two-man dome tents which you’ll share with your partner or overland buddy for the duration of the trip. If you don’t like bugs or the wet and the cold – and who does? – then rest assured that each tent has a fly sheet to keep the rain off, a built-in ground sheet to keep the damp out and netting on the windows and door to keep the mosquitoes out.

On most Overland camping tours you’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag as well. Be sure to check with your travel consultant and read the tour literature closely to avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to comfort on the first night.

We’ve selected some of our top Overland camping tours that will take you right into the heart of Africa and offer you a holiday adventure to remember forever. Whether you’re setting up your tent in a fully equipped campsite or in the middle of absolutely nowhere, we believe that an Overland camping tour is the best way to experience this diverse and welcoming continent.

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