Travelling in a time of COVID-19

Posted on October 21st, 2020 by Overland Africa

Travelling in a time of COVID-19

As we head into, what has always been our traditional “ booking season “, we need to address the question on everyone’s mind… How will overland ensure guest safety on tour? 

Crew responsibility

To reduce the risk of infection, each crew member will be required to take the following steps.

Wear a cloth mask when in the presence of any other person

Maintain a safe distance wherever possible – 1.5m or more

Sanitize regularly – you should sanitize whenever you have come in physical contact with a surface or object that may have been touched by another person

If you need to cough or sneeze – ensure to do this away from other people. If this is not possible then do this into the bend of your elbow.

Each staff member will be issued with a cloth mask to be worn when required

Each person will also be provided with a small spray type sanitizer for his or her own personal use.


Our trucks and vehicles will be sanitized and cleaned once a day at the end of the days travel, and before the next day’s travel.


Vehicle sanitizing checklist – completed by our crew

Sweep inside of truck

Mop inside with provided cleaning agents

Spray all seats with liquid sanitizer

Wipe all USB charging points with sanitizer

Wipe handrails at entrance to the truck

Wipe all window catches

Wipe door handles to entrance

Wipe down all armrests

Wipe all safety belt clips and buckles

Clean out rubbish bin


Departure points

At each departure point, it will be the responsibility of the driver to perform health checks on all clients.  The temperature of all guests be will be recorded before they are allowed to board the vehicle.  A lead in mat will be provided, sprayed with sanitizer, all clients are to wipe their feet on the mat when walking in to the truck.

There will be a sanitizer dispenser mounted at the entrance to the truck, all clients must sanitize when entering the vehicle. Clients are required to sanitize their hands each time they enter into the vehicle to depart a location.


Daily Checks

Crew are to take temperatures once a day of all clients and themselves, at the time of departure.  If the tour is not scheduled to depart that day, all temperatures will be recorded at breakfast.


Food preparation

We have always had a strong focus on hygiene when cooking, but never before has it been as important as it is now.

Our crew will ensure that all surfaces and utensils are wiped down properly before use.  At the end of the day/evening, crew will have to make sure that all items are rinsed in a sanitizing solution that will be provided.   It is of the utmost importance that all foodstuffs continue to be washed before use.


We would like to stress that the well-being of participants is everyone’s responsibility and our crew are there to enforce the protocols which have been put out.  These protocols have been adapted from various regulatory institutions including the World Travel & Tourism Council.

Putting these measures in place will add additional pressure on our crew and we ask that you ensure that your clients are aware of these measures that will (by law) be required to be followed.  Any guest refusing to follow or adhere to these guidelines could face being expelled from the tour.  It is in everyone’s interest to play their part in ensuring the safety on tour.


This is a territory that is new to all of us and it may be necessary from time to time to adapt the protocols.  We of course will continue to share information with you as we make it available.

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Which Side is the Best for Vic Falls: Zimbabwe or Zambia?

Posted on October 6th, 2020 by Overland Africa

Which Side is the Best for Vic Falls: Zimbabwe or Zambia?

This depends entirely on your vacation wishes. Both sides offer magnificent views of the Falls, but it’s your accommodation preferences and choice of activities that might influence your decision.
If you want the best of both worlds, you can easily get across the border via Victoria Falls Bridge. All you’ll need is your passport and a double / multiple entry visa, which you can purchase at the border control (your guide or transfer agent generally expedites this for you). This means that if you’re staying on the Zambian side and want to view the Falls from the Zimbabwean side, you can do so comfortably on a day trip – and vice versa.

Which Side Has the Best Views?

Zim has the lion’s share of vantage points, as about three quarters of Vic Falls lie within the country. Take a stroll down Victoria Falls National Park’s footpaths, meandering through drizzling rainforest and out onto gorge-edge viewpoints where you’ll be greeted head-on by the glorious Main Falls – thundering down into the rocky chasm below, causing tremors in the ground beneath your feet.

Want to get really close to the cascades of water?

Then head to the Zambia side of Vic Falls. Walk along the paved paths on the edge of the Falls and cross the heart-racing Knife-Edge Bridge during High Water Season – an exhilarating (and soaking!) walk along the edge of the precipice, about 100m / 328ft above the gorge.
During the low-water season, head down the footpath that leads to the Boiling Pot – a massive whirlpool at the base of the waterfall. Look up and marvel at the sheer magnitude of this natural wonder.

Zimbabwe Side

Zambia Side

The good news is, no matter which side you stay on, you can easily cross the border to explore the other or to undertake activities like white-water rafting, gorge swinging, bungee jumping, visiting Livingstone Island or having dinner on an old-fashioned train. Your Africa Safari Expert will make all the arrangements for the transfers and activities – just have your passport ready for the border crossing.

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