Posted on September 20th, 2018 by Overland Africa

Good morning Gelle,

Spot on!!! 😀 Kenya and Uganda have been amazing!!! Such a heartwarming and touching experience. We have encountered thousands and thousands of animals. I got shivers down my spine so many times. I have experience countless of special moments. The wildebeest migration was surreal and interacting with gorillas was out of this world. I may be back in Malta but my heart is still in Africa. The memories will surely last a lifetime and the feelings experienced will be felt for a very long time.

The feedback we are getting from the group is also positive. They have all been left in amazement 🙂 thanks to you and your excellent team. You had said that the safari operator have chosen their best 2 teams! They were so right Gelle!! Moses, Francis, Caroline, Solomon, Patrick and Charles are amazing!! Such a dynamic team, so passionate about what they do. Their skills are exceptional Gelle. They bonded very well with the group, they lead the group excellently, they were so so flexible, so responsive to our needs…at times even a step ahead. They took care of every little detail, were always available and the group simply loved them. I cannot pinpoint one single negative feedback about them. Truly exceptional Gelle!

I am still settling in and will send you detailed feedback about the logistics of the trip in a week. I would really like to thank you for making this possible!

And hey…Mozambique seems very interesting 😀 I have came across some of your photos. It seems it has been a great adventure for you. Make the most of your last few days.

Speak soon,

Kim ( August 2018 45 travellers Kenya and Uganda Overland private charter )

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