Most Excellent Adventure

Posted on November 6th, 2017 by Overland Africa

We had a most excellent adventure! Thank you! We saw every animal on the “Big Seven” list and so much more! We soared in the hot air balloon over the Serengeti and had a fabulous breakfast. The Masai tour was so interesting,the people were so welcoming. Our guide Doc,with Drifters,went out of his way to make my 60th birthday a real celebration! It was amazing. The second half in Botswana and Zimbabwe had a few challenges. Kenya Air lost our luggage on our way from Zanzibar to Nairobi to Johannesburg. We had to go to the delta with just what we had on the plane with us! Our guide Joe with Drifters, And the staff at the lodges tried to help as much as they could in getting us stuff to buy,,borrow and share to get us through! People on the tour were so very generous in sharing too..being out in the bush was very exciting. Drifters did everything they could to help us get them back. But they wanted 500$ to get them to the delta.  We said no & come to find out they didn’t even have both bags.

KenyaAir only sent Joan’s anyway! Which Drifters got to the lodge. We did ok..couldn’t get our bags until Maun …6 days into our tour! Joe got us to the airport in Maun and my bag was there!We did good though in the bush…we saw so many animals in so many places.The delta was an amazing place. We learned so much…

The four nights in the bush camp in Moremi National Park was probably the wildest time we spent seeing animals. We took the plane ride over the delta,saw a breading herd of elephants cross the Chobe River with little babies. We walked to Victoria Falls National Park. Took a game drive into Stanley Livingstone National Park and saw 4 black rhinos & Last but not least by any means…at 60 and 58 years old…my sister and I white water rafted the mighty Zambizi River!! Another dream come true! We couldn’t walk or move very well for 3 days…but we did it! Thank you for planning such a fabulous 32 days! We will never forget!


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