Everything Taken Care Of

Posted on November 6th, 2017 by Overland Africa

WOW Gelle is amazing. After planning a wedding, planning a holiday was the last thing we wanted to do. We had been talking to one of our friends who was also thinking about going to Africa and told us that they had been talking to Gelle Richie from Go2africa who was based in South Africa. We emailed Gelle to see if she could help us and we got a reply back within hours asking us a few questions on what we wanted to do, time, price range. The only things that we really wanted to do was see the big 5, some camping and trek with the Gorillas within a 6 week period. Not knowing much about Africa we asked Gelle what she would do. So Gelle organised us 21 day TransKalahari Adventure where we saw the Big Five and amazing landscape. From there we went to Kenya and Tanzania were we camped in the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater. Now this is where Gelle come in, two things i have told everyone that is thinking about visiting Africa is have a travel agent based in Africa and the other is only have Gelle to do it for you. While we were on our way back from Tanzania to Nairobi – Kenya we got a email and phone call telling us about the fire at the Nairobi International Airport. Our flight was the next day at 1240pm. Gelle gave us updates via emails and mobile phone. Having Gelle giving us information we felt comfortable that we still had our flights. Gelle also was in contact with our next tour in Uganda giving them updates so everything would run smoothly.

Also at the start of our trip we had our bags go missing at the Australian end. We let Gelle know just to give a update. Gelle was right on the case ringing the airport giving us updates via emails, this was all done outside of office hours, some time 11 pm at night. Gelle thank you so much for helping us see and experience Aftrica. We will be telling everyone that has been thinking about Africa to do it and go though Gelle at Go2afica.com. The only thing we had wish we could of done was to meet Gelle face to face.

Thanks again!

Josh and Mel Watton

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Most Excellent Adventure

Posted on November 6th, 2017 by Overland Africa

We had a most excellent adventure! Thank you! We saw every animal on the “Big Seven” list and so much more! We soared in the hot air balloon over the Serengeti and had a fabulous breakfast. The Masai tour was so interesting,the people were so welcoming. Our guide Doc,with Drifters,went out of his way to make my 60th birthday a real celebration! It was amazing. The second half in Botswana and Zimbabwe had a few challenges. Kenya Air lost our luggage on our way from Zanzibar to Nairobi to Johannesburg. We had to go to the delta with just what we had on the plane with us! Our guide Joe with Drifters, And the staff at the lodges tried to help as much as they could in getting us stuff to buy,,borrow and share to get us through! People on the tour were so very generous in sharing too..being out in the bush was very exciting. Drifters did everything they could to help us get them back. But they wanted 500$ to get them to the delta.  We said no & come to find out they didn’t even have both bags.

KenyaAir only sent Joan’s anyway! Which Drifters got to the lodge. We did ok..couldn’t get our bags until Maun …6 days into our tour! Joe got us to the airport in Maun and my bag was there!We did good though in the bush…we saw so many animals in so many places.The delta was an amazing place. We learned so much…

The four nights in the bush camp in Moremi National Park was probably the wildest time we spent seeing animals. We took the plane ride over the delta,saw a breading herd of elephants cross the Chobe River with little babies. We walked to Victoria Falls National Park. Took a game drive into Stanley Livingstone National Park and saw 4 black rhinos & Last but not least by any means…at 60 and 58 years old…my sister and I white water rafted the mighty Zambizi River!! Another dream come true! We couldn’t walk or move very well for 3 days…but we did it! Thank you for planning such a fabulous 32 days! We will never forget!


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Absolutely Amazing Experience

Posted on November 6th, 2017 by Overland Africa

Hi Leisha and Gelle

Talk about timing.

You send an email enquiring about our lost bag, and I am staring directly at it and its contents all over our dining table as I picked it up from the airport today.

Egyptair facilitated its return via Emirates Air.  I don’t know how they got it from the Cairo Airport.  At the advice of the Australian Consulate in Cairo, I had engaged a lawyer to try and determine what requirements they needed to release the bag into the custody of my authority.  They CC’d me in on all the email correspondence and they were getting the run around from the airport.  I don’t know how it happened, but we are extremely grateful.  Perhaps the airport thought that I was a real pest and just gave up and decided that I should have back what is rightfully ours.

We are both very grateful for the efforts that you both made on our behalf in trying to get our bag back.  We fully accept responsibility for losing it in the first place, but we never thought that once the bag was identified that we would have so much trouble getting it back.  Your efforts, and those of others, really add to the absolutely amazing experience that we had on our travels.

I know that I have expressed it many times and you may be sick of it, but we really do appreciate the efforts that you both went to in organising the tour that you did for us.  Your advice and genuine efforts to make it a great experience for us was second to none, and something that we will cherish for a long time.  I would like to stay in touch as we will definitely be back to South Africa at some stage.  I am not very good at Facebook, but if you have an account, I would love to have you both as a friends.

I hope that you and your families are both well, and that business is booming.  I am definitely spreading the word on our African experience, probably to the point where people are avoiding me.

Kind regards

David Rock from Australia

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Thank you!

Posted on October 30th, 2017 by Overland Africa

Hey Gelle!

We are (begrudgingly) back in the US and trying to get back in the work groove. I miss vacation life!
Everything was incredible, thank you. We really appreciate all of your help in making our vacation so wonderful and easy. Specifically, there were a lot of moving parts to this trip which we didn’t know how to organize or schedule. With time I’m sure that we could have managed it but as busy professionals we don’t have the time. Having you educate us on those pieces and then handle all of the logistics with them and the transfers between them was invaluable. We enjoyed simply knowing that everything would be worked out so we could focus on enjoying ourselves.

We will definitely consider working with you again for our travel needs.


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Our Amazing Honeymoon in Africa

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 by ninjasforhire

Just wanted to say thanks for your help in organising our amazing honeymoon in Africa. We had a great time and had really good luck with our animal viewings thanks to our fabulous guide/driver on our Safari, no one else we spoke to seemed to see 5 leopards and 3 cheetahs (on top of numerous lions) over 2 days in the Serengeti. I have attached a few of our favourite photos from the trip  (Although I am sure you have seen plenty of these!). We will be sure to recommend you to any friends we have planning any trips to Africa in the future!

Thanks again!


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Thank you for organizing such a great trip

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 by ninjasforhire
Hello Gelle!
We have returned safely and yes, we all had a great time! We did not meet any troubles. The flight transfers from Harare also went smoothly. It was very nice to see Zimbabwe with all the interesting past and current history. Our guides Tembe and Laban – Zimbabweans- were excellent.
– Mokoro-trip – fantastic, with the setting, boat trip and the guides.
– Vic Falls – a great time with lots of activities – elephant ride, bungee, rafting, sunset cruise etc. Laban organized some of the stuff. We got T-shirts!
– Matopos – a great experience, Lovely camp site, Ian was a fantastic guide! San-history, walking safari with rhinos, the scenery etc!
– Great Zimbabwe – very interesting, fascinating! We also had a lovely time in Mozambique at the Archipelago Resort /150USD per night for large bungalows self-catering, also with a lovely restaurant at the place. But so few tourist… both in Zimbabwe and Mozambique – we hope better days for these wonderful destinations will come. We all agreed that the overland-truck concept suited very well for a group of families like ours (with children approximately 10 and above) and is certainly something we would recommend to others. Very easy and convenient, better than driving all these long distances in separate cars on our own.  Combination of camping and hotels were great (all good hotels!). We hope we will be able to go in another journey in a few years.
Thanks for great organizing and help! 

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Africa was awesome!

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 by ninjasforhire
Hi Leisha!
Thank you for the welcome message. Obviously I am not caught up with my workload or my email. I very much enjoyed my Vic Falls activities. I took a sunset river cruise, went canoeing, attended the Boma Dinner and Drum Show and visited Vic Falls. I liked the Chobe Safari Lodge and those activities. There were many animals along the river which made the river cruises better than the game drives. My favorite was the Sango Safari Camp. The staff and the accommodations were both exceptional. I went on three game drives and one Mokoro river tour. We didn’t see many animals but the staff made the most of it. They were knowledgeable, friendly and excellent chefs! The food was outstanding! I like this property very much. It turns out that there was too much water in the Delta to see a lot of animals. It was really wet making animal viewing tough. Fortunately I like birds and there isn’t ever a shortage of those. I very much appreciate this package you put together, especially on short notice and with restrictive dates. You did a fantastic job! There was a great deal of flying with 10-12 hour stopovers both ways and several flights both ways. I definitely wouldn’t do that again but I doubt that if would be necessary if my dates weren’t restrictive. All in all it was an awesome experience!!!Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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